Tristan Morris

Product manager. consultant.



build cool


My name is Tristan, and I build things.

Specifically, I build things to solve problems. Sometimes they're technical things, like 3D printing systems or mobile apps. Sometimes they're systems solutions, like the financial model behind my green-tech financing startup. Most recently, I became a product manager at Samsung and got the privilege of working on defense-grade mobile security, which was pretty cool.

I like virtual reality technology, have very strong feelings about the importance of threat models, self-publish short stories, and on occasion, have been known to LARP.




Seeking challenging projects and interesting people. Startup consulting available in the SF area.



Tristan was a great addition to the team, contributing a strong mix of technical diligence and business insight. He combines an entrepreneurial mindset with a strong attention to detail, often taking initiative and going beyond expectations to ensure the best possible outcome.
— Jeff Katz
Tristan has done an incredible job with organization and facilitating interesting, engaging projects that students are constantly excited about.
— Amanda Emmanuel
Tristan is a pleasure to work with. Rarely in my life I met a person so dedicated, always available to help and support. The first months I was impressed by his exceptional quantitative skills, and working with him in many different projects
— Mani Miri

About Me

Looking for my resume or just to hear an interesting story? Check out my bio page.

My Projects

A mix of corporate projects, technical fiddling, creative work, and whatever happens to strike me. Not all projects will succeed, but I promise they're all interesting.